Hair loss in toddlers: Is it a cause of concern?

Hair loss is a common phenomenon in adults but with toddlers it surely is an exceptional case. Your toddler might be losing hair due to some causes or treatments as is it is rarely expected to notice bald spots in kids. That bare spot could be a result of sleeping in a similar position for long times or may be due to his head rubbing against the bed. Consult your pediatrician as it could be possibly due to some medical treatment or may be a side effect of some medications.

Few other causes of hair loss include:

Uneven bare spots along with red, peeling skin plus at times black dots where the hair would be broken off are an indication that your baby might have contagious fungal infection. This infection is known as ringworm and is very common reason for toddlers’ hair loss. If you notice any such signs, then immediately seek hair loss treatment.

Physical damage caused because of tight ponytails or braids can cause hair loss referred as traction alopecia.

If you notice round and smooth bald areas in your baby it could be alopecia areata. Kids with this condition lose hair as the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Usually, this kind of hair loss gets cured on it own and at times it also affects hair in other parts of the body.

One more cause of hair thinning is telogen effluvium. Usually, our hair has a growth and a resting stage. The growth stage extends for three years, whereas the resting stage is just for three months. While in the resting stage, the strands of hair remains in the follicle till new strands grow.

Generally 5 – 15 % of hair on your toddlers scalp is in the resting stage at some time. However, fever or a change in hormone levels can lead a considerable number of hair strands to move in to the resting phase at once. After 3 months, when new strands of hair start to grow shedding initiates. In this case, have a word with your kid’s doctor to determine the cause of hair loss and you can also opt for the required treatment.

In most cases, hair loss in toddlers is temporary but it cannot be guaranteed. Hence, it’s always safe to see a doctor when you notice unusual hair loss in you baby. There is a possibility that your baby will have a healthy mane with in a year. You can also seek hair loss homeopathic treatment as homeopathy medicines are safe devoid of any side-effects to your little baby.

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