Make your hair dandruff free

“Beauty lies in the eye of beholder”, this is how the saying goes. In most cases that ‘beholder’ is ourselves and we must agree with this fact that in most cases we are our own worst critics. We say, it’s too dry, too rough, too oily, and full of dandruff, just to name a few complaints. Today through this post I will try to bring you out of one at least one of your complaint. Below are some of the remedies to make our hair dandruff free

  1. Massage hot oil into the scalp at bedtime. Oil you hair thoroughly least twice a week. Massage it properly by applying oil on the scalp.
  2. Massage you hair with a fresh lemon into the scalp for 3-4 minutes and then wash your hair with clean water. Repeat this process daily until dandruff disappears.
  3. Make sure; after you wash your hair let it dry completely. Don’t tie it wet since that will lead to increment in the volume of dandruff.
  4. Instead of shampooing, massage handfuls of baking soda into the hair and scalp to absorb oil and to loosen dead skin on scalp. Rinse thoroughly and use no other shampoos. While initially the hair may seem dry, after several weeks, dandruff will go off and hair will be smooth and shiny.
  5. A little sun exposure is good for dandruff. That’s because direct ultraviolet light has an anti-inflammatory effect on scaly skin conditions.


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