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Boothe Eye Care
Dr. William Boothe is a board certified surgeon who offers Lasik and IntraLasik surgeries to improve vision in his patients. He established Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center towards the end of the 1980’s. He has already successfully completed over 100,000 Lasik vision correction procedures. Located in Plano, Texas, Dr. Boothe is considered to be one of the most experienced Lasik surgeons in the nation.

Dr. William Boothe, the director of Boothe Eye Care, is not only regarded as one of the highest volume Lasik doctors in the world, but also a very attentive surgeon. Boothe Laser Center is one of the first practices in the United States to start offering Lasik and IntraLasik procedures, and it is among the most outstanding centers available today.

Dr. Boothespecializes in laser eye correction in Plano, Dallas and other surrounding areas in Texas. He has performed over 100,000 laser eye surgeries which makes him one of the most experienced Lasik surgeons in America. Visit the Boothe Eye Center for more information.

Health Check up Packages
Health check up Gifts for everyone & anyone, while you are busy at work, then Health Check up at your home or office and Hospital near your home.

Medical Tourism in India
Medicure 4 U goal is to provide Holistic Health Care and customized services for medical tourists who come to India as well of Residents of India.

Proactive Medical Check up
Medical, Hospitality, Banking and Pharmaceutical with an aim of providing a value added service in medical and travel to NRI, Foreign as well as Indian Resident and Indian Corporate With huge need for Proactive Medical Check up, we have come up with online health care gifting.

Dr. Benjamin J. Herr (M. Tech. Hom) – Homeopathic Clinic, Cape Town
This general family practice has been operating from Cape Town for the past 30 years, offering safe effective Homeopathic treatment for a broad range of conditions affecting infants, children, adults (including pregnant and breastfeeding women) and the elderly.

Hair Extensions
Leading UK supplier of hair extensions and accessories.

High Quality Cosmetic Products
Among all offered cosmetic products at you will certainly find that one which you were looking for. Take a chance and use a discount price.

Massage Therapists Insurance
Massage Liability Insurance Group (MLIG) provides Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Students, and Massage Therapy Schools with Massage Liability Insurance.

Yoga Insurance
The National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines provides cosmetic insurance, salon insurance, beauty shop insurance, Fitness instructor insurance, Yoga teacher insurance, esthetician insurance, and cosmetology insurance to CAM professionals.

Discount Vitamins
At A2Z Discount Vitamins find the Vitamins, Nutritional supplements, herbal supplements of all top brands. Find the discount vitamins and supplements by brand name, by category and by your condition.

Vitamin Health Path
A family owned business striving to provide the best quality vitamins, minerals, dietary/nutritional supplements, organics, bodybuilding products, cosmetics and herbal products the US has to offer.

Unbiased Reviews of Vitamins and Dietary Supplements.

Doctor approved All-Natural Supplements and Vitamins.
Herb, Supplements and Vitamins product reviews for heart health, joint and bone care, weight loss, stress reduction, skin care and more.

Dr.Sinatra M.D.
Leading Provider of All-Natural Supplements and Vitamins by Dr. Sinatra.

Dr. Supplement Reviews
Doctors’ Supplements — Doctor approved All-Natural Supplements and Vitamins.

Testosterone and HGH Stack
The most potent muscle building and fat burning stack legally available!

How Can You Lose Weight Healthfully

Constipation Cure
Simple, all natural daily use supplement to guarantee regularity, a clean colon, increased energy and accelerated weight loss.

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