Combat the causes of premature hair loss

Getting anxious at the sight of bunch of hair in the comb or strands on the pillow is a natural phenomenon. Hair loss brings both physical as well mental effects. Hair fall brings in emotional stress, embarrassment and anger. Children skips school, adults skip office and at times avoid meeting relatives due to shame.

Hair loss is generally caused due to stress, improper diet, unhealthy hair maintenance, and many others. Kick off all the tension and follow the below tips to regain the beauty of your hair.

  • Rework on your diet: - As mentioned previously, improper nourishment is one of the many causes of hair loss. If you are experiencing severe hair-fall, change your diet before you go bald. Yes, diet plays a major role in hair growth. Eating excessive spicy, junk foods generally causes hair loss. Consult a dietician and consume proper diet as recommended.
  • Drink water: -Drinking plenty of water is the remedy for all health problems. Water helps in hair growth and keeps the body hydrated. A person should drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day to maintain good hair health.
  • Exercise: – It is a fact that exercise and meditation are the best treatment for hair-fall. Exercise reduces stress, which is considered to be the prime cause of hair loss. So, exercise regularly and treat the problem from its root.
  • Use gentle shampoo: - Shampoo or conditioner containing harsh chemicals can worsen your hair condition. Such hair products give temporary shine and beauty but can take away the moisture permanently. Therefore, use herbal products and treat your hair naturally.
  • Consult a dermatologist: - To diagnose the true cause of hair-fall, consult an experienced dermatologist. Some medicines for diseases like diabetes, typhoid and cancer have hair loss as their symptom.  In many cases, even a minor scalp infection can cause hair loss. You can opt for hair loss treatment from a reputed homeopathic doctor in your locality.
  • Hair transplantation: - If you are experiencing massive hair-fall, don’t take it lightly; go for hair transplantation. It is an effective way to gain hair in the affected area. It is a natural method that involves no surgery. Search for the best hair transplant clinic and get your lost hair back.

Homeopathic remedies are also helpful in reducing hair loss and gain good hair volume. It is also a natural treatment and produces zero side-effects.

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