Dry and rough hair tips

For rough and dry hair, you would need to pay special attention to conditioning. It is essential to understand that the reason your hair is rough and dry is that it lacks a sufficient amount of nutrition. If your hair roots and strands are not well nourished, then your hair will become dry and will break as well. One of the first positive steps you need to take is that you need to cut your hair short. Please understand that it is easier to work with short hair and see results than it is with long hair. Besides, short hair also has a natural tendency to look healthier. You should start following a weekly routine of deep conditioning your hair. This can be done by applying warm olive oil to your hair at least twice a week and leaving it in overnight. Olive oil is recommended because it is highly nourishing in nature and has the natural tendency to provide the essential nutrition via the oils that will help to maintain healthier and more beautiful hair. You can also use coconut or almond oil as an alternative. Both are equally effective for your hair as well. You can also apply a hair pack to your hair once a week or so. Make a very effective one with a tablespoon each of gram flour, fresh yogurt and honey. Add enough milk to this so that it becomes runny and easily applicable.

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