Follicular unit hair transplantation: Things to know

Hair loss is a major concern for most people, especially women. Females are very much concerned about their esthetic beauty and so can go to any extent to look beautiful. Most women panic when they notice hair loss, as hair is very essential part of their appearance. There are a number of techniques available today that helps to deal with baldness for both men and women, one of which is hair transplantation.

What is follicular unit hair transplantation?

Follicular unit hair transplantation is an ideal way to tackle issues of baldness. This kind of hair transplantation is performed by means of a special procedure referred as cell transplantation.

How is it performed?

Follicular unit hair transplantation is a unique surgical procedure, as it demands accuracy and precision. The transplanted hair follicles are very minute and small. It is actually not easy to place these follicles in the right skin layer because of its size. The surgeon has to be very careful while accruing out this procedure.

For this reason, surgeons make use of microscopes and various computer assisted tools to have control during the operation. The follicles are implanted amid the collagen matrix as it offers sufficient nutrition to the cells and allow the hair cells to develop and sustain like other hair strands.

The procedure of follicular unit hair transplantation is a bit complicated as compared to other procedures. To have the required stability, the surgeon has to affix the hair follicles to the basement cells, which is a crucial process to have long lasting attachment of the hair strands. Each hair strand has to be tightly affixed with the protein tubules that are found in the basement membrane. This can be successful only with the use of high magnification camera that allows the surgeon to view the tiniest of cells and strands in the operation.

Follicular unit hair transplantation: Result

This is a time consuming and long procedure and may require a couple of sessions to get the desired results. You cannot get the transplantation done in a rushed manner as the process demands a lot of accuracy to give you a flawless and natural look.

The procedure makes use of hair strands from other body part as a substitute. The reason is to give you naturally looking results. Hair follicles from the arms, legs, and chest are utilized. At times surgeons also ask people to donate hair strands if there is a lack of hair on the patient’s body. This is possible provided the genetic composition of the hair would be compatible with the patient. Hair follicles that contain incompatible genes can lead to allergies along with other inflammatory reactions. The scalp at times experience swelling and itchiness. Hence, it is necessary that the donors are the patient’s family members to avoid any kind of adverse effects.

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