Get your dream hair, naturally!

Rains, heat, and cold come and go, but hair issues are consistent. It has long been and still the biggest concern for females. So much so that it has worst effects on individual’s self-esteem.

Individuals face several hair problems, hair loss, dandruff, split ends, dry and rough tresses, and many more. To keep your curls strong and shinning, follow the natural hair treatment:

  • Dandruff –Studies have shown that, almost 70% of the individuals (both male and female) face this problem. White fungus on the scalp causes itching. Dandruff is generally observed at the onset of puberty i.e. hormonal changes. Sometimes a sudden climatic change, dry scalp, improper diet, stress, and infrequent shampooing can trigger it.
    • Remedies – Using a good anti-dandruff shampoo, eating healthy food, reducing the intake of fatty and oily substance, stress reduction, and protein-rich food is excellent for kicking off dandruff from the scalp. Do not change the shampoo frequently. Stick to one shampoo and use it at least for a period of three months. However, if nothing helps, consult a dermatologist immediately.
  • Hair loss –The most common problem of all, hair fall is the cause of an unhealthy diet, hormonal imbalance, excessive stress, drinking and smoking, and nutritional deficiency. Many-a-times it is also seen that overuse of styling products, iron deficiency, and change in weather condition causes tremendous hair loss.
    • Remedies – There are several natural and homemade hair fall treatments, which you can try without spending out of pocket money on it. If hair loss is not excessive, simple everyday care is also sufficient. Shampoo and condition your curls at least twice a week for better results. Use natural hair conditioner for best results. Eating leafy vegetables, protein rich foods, and beans, tofu, and lean meats are an added advantage. Go for hair spas and hot oil massages once a month. Scalp massage is also good for strengthening thin hair.
  • Dry and damaged tresses –While frizzy curls are a hereditary problem for some, for many it is seasonal. Dry hair creates a problem during summer and monsoon season. Chemical abuse, which is generally experienced after hair coloring or straightening, is also one of the many reasons of dry and damaged curls.
    • Remedies – Hair experts mostly recommends avoiding over chemical exposure to maintain the looks of the tresses. While styling is important for trendy and chic looks, it is also necessary to avoid over styling. Include high-protein foods like eggs, sprouts, and soya in your diet.


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