Healthy diet for luxurious hair

Glowing skin and luminous hair – quintessential for looking like a thousand dollars this festive season! While you can cheat the ‘flawless skin’ look with clever make-up, there is not much you can do to make your hair look radiant if it is not naturally so. With the festive season already upon us, it is time you trimmed those split ends and started a hair-care regime to give your hair the much needed boost.

While the salon shelves are full of hair-care products – shampoo, conditioner, serums, hair masks, etc. which promise to transform your hair from lifeless to bouncy! However, unless you provide the right nutrition to your hair, all the hair care products together cannot do much for your tresses.

Eat right for hair that is radiant and luminous. Zinc, phosphorous, and protein are essential for healthy hair, so including food rich in these substances, in your diet is essential if you dream of hair that is bouncy and sleek.

  • Dried fruits: The next time you have an urge to snack, munch on a handful of nuts. Not only are they healthy, nuts are rich in sulphur, zinc, iron, vitamin E and biotin. Dry fruits encourage blood circulation, which is good for the scalp. Keep a mix of dried fruits like cashews, almonds, and walnuts handy. Zinc especially is important for hair, as a low level of zinc can make you lose too much hair.
  • Poultry: Hair is made up of protein. Poultry products – egg and chicken is a rich source of protein. Hair that lacks protein becomes weak and brittle, and that leads to hair breakage, split ends, and hairfall. Beans and cheese is also a good source of protein. Eggs are not only rich in proteins, but also sulphur and vitamin B12, which boosts hair growth. Sulphur present in the eggs is important for maintaining healthy hair follicle, which gives the hair a healthy look. Chicken is a source of iron, which helps in providing hemoglobin to the scalp for healthy hair tissues.
  • Water: The natural remedy for supple skin, silky and shiny hair! Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to a healthy body. Dehydration can lead to weak scalp and hair, and weak hair is prone to split ends and breakage.
  • Green vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, kale, rocket, and other green vegetables are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. These substances provide the necessary nutrition to make your hair shine with health.

A healthy diet is the key to luxurious hair, and as you let your hair dance, be ready to receive compliments aplenty!

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