Know the repercussions of different hairstyles

Hairstyling is quite a popular trend among young girls these days. Celebrities have massively inspired a number of hair styles. Most females follow celebrity trends blindly without knowing that celebrities consult some of the best hair consultants and use best hair products. We fall prey to the stylish hair looks and decide to try on ours without giving a second thought to the negative impacts it may cause to our hair. Listed below are some of the common hair mistakes people fall prey to.

  • Curly Hair: - Definitely curly hair looks stunning, but regular hair curling has its own aftermaths. Artificial regular curling causes hair breakage and split ends. Curly hair demands high maintenance and must be handled with care. Hence, avoid regular curling of your hair and give it a break.


  • Dreadlocks: – This hairstyle was also made famous by few Hollywood singers and guitarists like Bob Marley and Lenny Kravitz. This hairstyle has many problems, if general public tries to apply on their hair. This hair style looks messy, frizzy and tightness can cause headache. Therefore, use proper shampoo, correct moisturizers and other hair products. If you wish to try this hairstyle, look out for an experience hair stylist.


  • Corn Rows: - Young girls love to show off the look and try a variety of hair styles. Corn Rows are quite a popular hairstyle among young girls. But even this style has its own repercussions, in corn rows hair is tied tightly that leads to massive hair loss. Since, the hair is pulled very tightly for a long time, many even experience severe headache.


  • Hair Straightening: - Saloons across the world (even today) see a great demand for straight hair. Hair straightening is divided into two types: Permanent and ironing. If you wish to go for permanent straightening, consult an experienced hair stylist. Make sure you use only those shampoos and hair products that are recommended by the hair expert. The products used for permanent straightening contains harmful chemicals that not only damages hair texture but also may cause cancer. For ironing, make sure the temperature of the iron is low and use a good moisturizer.

Whichever style you choose, make sure your hair is in the right hands. Consulting an inexperienced local hair stylist will ruin your hair quality and looks. Remember, extra stress on hair causes hair loss and headache.

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