Manage your frizzy curls

Are you tired of those falling tresses or itchy scalp during monsoon? Do not worry, a dermatologist can suggest you several ways to have healthy and beautiful tresses.

Hair problem occurs due to high humidity levels, which in turn leads to excessive perspiration, making the scalp oily and sticky. Sweat and oil stick on the scalp, thereby weakening the roots of the hair. Oily scalp attracts dirt and germs. To prevent your scalp from germs, regular shampooing, and conditioning are necessary, specifically for oily curls.

Experts usually recommend using natural shampoos containing organic ingredients like reetha, brahmi, amla, shikakai, and henna. Try a shampoo made up of these ingredients to strengthen your curls naturally! Natural shampoo is the best remedy for frizzy hair.

Frequent washing leads to hair damage. Is it?

It is generally believed that regular washing results in massive hair loss. Therefore, experts recommend choosing a shampoo wisely containing natural ingredients. Go for a mild cleansing shampoo for regular use. Use the proper combination of natural shampoo and organic conditioner depending upon your hair type.

Itchy scalp remedies:

After hair loss, itchy scalp is also something that people complain more about, during this season. Itchy scalp is caused due scalp infection. It signifies that your curls might not be healthy. Therefore, cleansing and nourishing the tresses regularly is essential. Getting hair spa treatment for treating itchy scalp is also one of the effective options.  Doctors also suggest this remedy for dry and frizzy hair.

If problem persists, it is good to consult a dermatologist. Doctors recommend proper homemade solutions for a complete relief. One of the best home remedies includes:

  • Add a tablespoon of vinegar to a mug of water and use as a last rinse after shampoo. Vinegar helps to reduce itching.

Oiling hair is essential:

Oiling your hair gives it proper nourishment, especially during monsoon season. Oiling nourishes the hair root. Do not oil your curls immediately after washing. During rainy season, the scalp becomes oily. Therefore, let the tresses dry completely and after two hours of washing, massage your scalp. Hot oil treatment also helps removing dandruff. Rubbing hot olive oil or sesame oil is good for preventing your scalp from scalp fungus.

Eating a proper diet is also essential for hair nourishment. Eat healthy and stay fit! Try natural remedies for hair to keep it clean, healthy, and beautiful forever!

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