Solve your hair dilemmas: Forever

A number of factors could trigger hair loss, such as poor environmental and weather condition, unhealthy diet pattern etc. Proper nourishment is required to keep it healthy and glowing.  Experts have blamed excessive usage of hair dryer, flat ironing, and highlighting as the cause of dry curls.

If you experience hair dryness after a wash, it is an indication that your locks are damaged. Use herbal shampoo and conditioner for curl repairs. Lack of exercise, excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, and chemical contained shampoo also adds to the damage.

Types of hair problems and remedies:

Every individual is different and so is his or her hair. Below are the common hair-related problems that people face.

  • Dry curls: - Lack of oil on the scalp results in a dry mane. Such curls look dull and dreary. Such conditions need proper care and complete protection. Hence, it is necessary to use proper moisturizers and herbal shampoo. Follow a diet rich in protein, nutrients vitamins, and zinc. Avoid using hair dryer; let your curls dry naturally!
  • Oily tresses: - Oily curls are more prone to dandruff, although they are healthy and strong. Proper oil massage, use of herbal anti-dandruff shampoo, and frequent wash can treat this problem. Rub lemon juice on your scalp to get rid of dandruff.
  • Gray curls: - Gray locks are the sign of supply of improper protein to the body. Gray tresses are generally linked with ageing, although this is not the case.  Regular massage of amla paste or coconut oil is good to make it black. Drink dark tea without milk for quick results.
  • Split Ends: - One of the most common problems, split ends, make the curls appear boring. Greater damage to the hair fiber may result in severe split ends. Therefore, avoid brushing your curls when it is wet. Use natural-bristle brush, and wear hat to protect your tresses from sun damage.
  • Hair loss: - Baldness or excessive hair loss at a small age has become an ugly trend. Childbirth, shock, excessive use of drugs, and serious health diseases are also some of the causes. Therefore, consume food containing Vitamin A, B, B6, B12, vitamin, and iron. Get enough sleep; eat fruits regularly to treat this problem. Massaging your scalp regularly with amla or coconut oil also promotes hair growth.

A healthy diet is essential for proper hair nourishment. Follow the above tips and opt for natural hair treatment.

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