Some myths about going bald

Baldness is usually surrounded with several myths, odd treatments, and strange ideas in the society. Baldness results in both physical and mental disturbance but predictions about the causes of baldness are worse.

Hair says a lot about an individual’s personality, looks, style and personal grooming, however that doesn’t mean a bald person has no style and grooming sense. Here is the list of myths about going bald:


  • Decreased blood flow to the scalp: -Doctors believe that when certain amount of blood does not reach the scalp, you begin loosing your hair. Decreased blood flow to the scalp is an effect of hair-fall, but it cannot be termed as the cause of hair loss. Therefore, do not go behind the ads selling particular shampoo or products containing vitamins for escalating blood flow to the scalp.


  • Stress is the cause of baldness: - Mental stress is considered to be the cause of severe hair loss. Although, stress is not the major cause of male-pattern baldness. But it cannot be completely ignored that stress do trigger some amount of hair fall.


  • Inherited from maternal side of the family: – People usually believe that baldness is inherited from mother’s family. In fact the gene called androgenic can be inherited from either side of the family. So, maternal side alone can’t be blamed.


  •  Regular shampooing cause hair-fall: - Baldness victim usually thinks that frequent rubbing or shampooing results in massive hair loss. But this is not the fact. If you don’t maintain hair health and wash it frequently, they would grow thinner and ultimately may lead to baldness.


  • Hats cause baldness: - People believe that wearing tight hats leads to hair loss. Wearing tight hat may cause slight hair fall, but not baldness. Hats do not lead to hair thinning or breakage. It can in no way affect the follicles.


  • Particular shampoo may grow hair faster: - Shampoos and oils do not help grow hair on head. They can just increase the strength or in some case the volume. A doctor-recommended shampoo or oil or a homeopathic treatment can help overcome baldness problem.


Don’t waste your money on costly shampoos or oil to treat hair fall, consult a reputed dermatologist to help combat this problem. Hair loss treatment using homeopathic therapy has helped many people combat the grievous issue of baldness.

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