Top hair styling secrets

Hair styles are the perfect way to look exceptionally beautiful. However, this should be seasonal and if possible be changed depending upon the climate. An individual should change his/her hairstyle every three months for a comprehensive makeover.Proper hairstyle not only adds to your looks, but also controls hair loss. So, opt for a haircut that will prevent hair fall or hair damage in volume.

Feather cut or layers are the trend this season. To give you a sophisticated look, many hair salons these days use branded hair styling products like hair sprays or hair mousse.

Hair coloring: -

Hair highlighting or hair coloring is the eternal fashion that perhaps will never fade. Many people still demand hair coloring. Red is the color of the season, which is in huge demand mostly by young population.

Hair coloring, generally done, keeping in mind the eye and skin color. It is suggested to get a hair coloring done from a professional hair stylist, since they have better color techniques and knowledge.

Hair coloring also depends on the texture or type of your hair. Professional hair experts suggest what is good and bad for the hair depending on the hair type.

Hairstyles in summer: -

The scorching summer heat arouses the demand for short hair in young girls. College goers demand short yet fashionable cuts to avoid hair damage as well maintain the style. Graduated bob, and A-shaped blunt are also in demand this season.

If you do not want to trim your long hair, go for a ponytail or ancient buns. Tie your hair when moving out of the house. It goes well with both Indian and western outfits. They are ideal for either casual outings or parties.

Famous and trendy hairstyles: -

Type of hair cut: Feather cut

a)      Why it is good: This looks stylish. No extra fuss is required; instead, a simple midline parting looks chic.

b)    Celebrity look: – Jennifer Aniston

Type of hair cut: Layered bob

a)      Why it is good: This style adds volume near the crown. Layered bob also helps in preventing hair loss.

b)     Celebrity look: Reese Witherspoon

Stress, anxiety, and frustration are the common hair loss cause. A healthy diet and a good hairstyle are the vital hair loss treatment.

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