Ways to get long hair, decoded!

While we may dream of having long shining hair like the models in shampoo ads have, not all may fulfill their dream. The reason being the time and effort that would be required in growing a long and lustrous mane.

The cost of growing the curls is certainly high. Proper care of long tresses is essential, since careless attitude can make it dry and brittle, which leads to hair loss. Proper oiling, required diet, and the right hairstyle are essential for a long and magnetizing curl.

Here are a few tips that will aid you style your mane, while you grow them:

  • In summer, it becomes very difficult to bear long curls. However, even if you are feeling hot and cannot bear the load of your tresses, defy the urge to cut it short (boy cut). Instead, if it is unbearable, get a trim.
  • Avoid permanent haircut or style. Try something different every time. Apply new style on your tresses (with whatever length you may have). Curl, twist, or keep it open, but do not make it your permanent style.
  • Brighten up your curls with many trendy accessories. Use plenty of clips, buns, hair bands, clutches, and pins to give it a jazzy look that will allow you to style your tresses.
  • For thick and frizzy curls, stylists must use thinning scissors to keep the curls smooth and manageable. They keep dryness away from tresses. This is the ideal way to enhance hair growth.
  • For a strong mane, proper shampooing and conditioning is essential. Use mild shampoo and conditioner to keep your curls shining and strong.
  • Proper diet is necessary for faster hair growth. Consuming multivitamins, and proteins, are vital for curl growth. It is recommended to consume green vegetables, fruits, and less oily and spicy food.
  • Proper and uninterrupted sleep is vital for long hair. A sleep of at least 8 hours is necessary to feel fresh and keep the body fit.
  • Do not comb your tresses immediately after washing. Let it dry for some time and later use wide-toothed brush, to avoid dryness and split-ends.

Eat proper food for hair growth. Hot oil therapies are the best home remedy for hair growth and maintain its glittering beauty.

If you want to look your best in the upcoming party, there are several trendy hairstyles for women including short, long, medium, celebrity, and wedding hairstyles. However, choose the one that will suit your face, adding to the beauty of your face.

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