What are the ways to improve hair health?

Are you worried when you see too much hair loss while combing? Although, this problem seems normal, it hampers individual’s beauty and personality (especially for females). As we age, hormonal fluctuations weaken follicles. Additionally, stress, improper diet, and excessive smoking and drinking also causes hair fall. Nowadays, various treatments are available to control hair loss; however trying natural remedies is ideal for excellent results.

  • Feed your follicles: - A well-balanced diet is the way to get healthy follicles. Whether or not you have thick follicles, consuming a nutritional diet certainly makes a difference in your hair health. Protein, Omega-3, Vitamin A & C, B-12, Zinc, Iron, and Biotin rich foods are essential for a healthy follicle.

a)      Protein: – Chicken, fish, legumes, and turkey

b)     Vitamin A & C: – Carrot, and green leafy vegetables

c)      B-12: – Salmon, eggs

d)     Iron: – Salmon, grains

e)      Zinc: – Almonds, walnut, cashews, pecans

f)       Omega-3: – Salmon, walnuts.

  • More superfoods for locks: Consuming organic fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains provides the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals for tissue repair and strengthening of the follicle. Limit the intake of fried and oily foods for volume hair growth. Avoiding artificial colors and additives, added sugar, soft drinks, and bleached flour is also good for curls.
  • Boost your locks with essential vitamins: - It is necessary to have vitamins for maintaining a healthy scalp. Consult a healthcare professional who will assist you in deciding proper foods for healthy hair.
  • Treat your curls: - Healthy scalp is the only way to get healthy hair. Hot oil massage, balanced diet and meditation promotes proper blood circulation. Here are the ways for healthy tresses:

a)      Relax your scalp:  Massaging your scalp with both the hands for 10 minutes strengthens follicles. Try this technique once daily every week for beautiful and silky hair.

b)     Opt for natural treatments: Avoid synthetic shampoos, soap, or conditioners. Such hair product contains harmful chemicals, which are not good for hair health. Bleaching, coloring, highlighting, and artificial hair drying are also not good for the scalp.

c)      Let your hair dry: After washing your hair, allow it to dry for some time before brushing. Do not tie your curls wet. Brushing wet hair can result in breakage.

d)     Do proper hairstyle: - Avoid tight hairstyles, such as buns and ponytails. Twisting, pulling, and rubbing results in hair fall.

Eat healthy food to get nutrients for hair growth.

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