When to consider hair transplantation for women?

There is a general belief in people that baldness and hair thinning is entirely for men. May be this is the reason why men expect hair loss as they grow older, mainly if they have a family history of male-pattern baldness. However, with women it is not so, they do not expect to lose hair even if their family has a history of hair loss. A woman generally wants to have a healthy mane to meet societal expectations and hair thinning is associated with old age, which most women are scared. It is every woman’s deep desire to look young and beautiful forever; hence, hair loss is a big problem for them.

However, your social expectations do not always go with reality. The fact is that women losing hair at a young age is seemingly on a rise. These days more women complain of hair thinning and hair loss, which is due to their lifestyle and the amount of stress and anxiety they go through. Realizing this fact more and more women today prefers hair restoration treatment or procedures. Thanks to the modern technology, various techniques, and treatments, such as hair transplantation, hair restoration and so on helps to tackle the problem of hair loss in women.

Know the Cause of Hair Loss:

Never consider a treatment for woman’s hair loss until you have diagnosed the permanence and cause of hair loss. While the hereditary pattern hair loss is the common most cause of permanent hair loss in women, but other than that there are several other causes of permanent and temporary hair loss. It is important to rule out these causes before undertaking hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is not an option for temporary hair loss but is only for permanent hair loss.

Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair transplantation is a hair-loss treatment option that many women consider when they lose hair due to hereditary factors or female pattern hair loss. Similar to male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss is also a genetic issue that runs in the family. It is a common type of permanent hair loss noticed in women. Hair transplantation as a treatment is considered only after the hair thinning in a particular woman is a result of female pattern baldness. The specialist while undertaking the hair transplantation has to consider the patient’s expectations with the cosmetic improvement. Always consider a hair transplantation done by a specialist or an expert to get good and natural looking results.

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