You are what you eat: Diet to prevent hair loss

Your bald spot and receding hairline is giving you sleepless nights. Well you need not worry in that case as stress can also trigger hair loss. Instead make some slight changes in your lifestyle alongside your hair loss treatment; it would be of great help. Changes in lifestyle also mean making slight dietary modifications that can give you healthy looking head and also maintains its sheen.

Most of us are sensitive about our hair as it forms an essential part of our appearance. Hence people with hair loss get paranoid about their looks and start following a number of expensive treatments for it.

Hair care means much more than nourishing your hair with the lather and rinse routine. Before you panic and spend fortunes over treatments, it is important that you consider what you are eating. There is a possibility that making slight modifications on your diet by including foods that promote hair health and growth can have notable impact, whereas lifestyle and genes will always play a chief role.

Here are some foods that you must consider for healthy hair growth:

  • Carrots:

Rich in vitamin A, carrots not only benefit eyes, but also serves as excellent food for your scalp. A healthy scalp offers well-conditioned and shiny hair that is strong and moisturized. Having a diet that includes a balance of fruits, lean proteins, vegetables, legumes, whole grains as well as fatty fish are excellent hair boosters.

  • Green peas:

Green peas might not be a treasure of antioxidants or any mineral or vitamin, but they have a balanced proportion of minerals and vitamins, which include zinc, iron and B group vitamins, which are must for maintaining hair health.

  • Oats:

Laden with fiber that maintains a health of heart and bowels, oats are also rich in iron, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids that are collectively referred as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids help to sustain normal skin, hair growth as well as development. However, this ingredient can only be obtained by means of your diet, hence make a point to have a bowl of oatmeal in breakfast every day.

  • Shrimp:

Red meat must be avoided as mush as you can; hence it is essential to find a substitute for its protein content. There are a wide variety of sea foods that can be used as a substitute which also includes shrimps. They are loaded with potent quantities of Vitamin B12, zinc and iron that are essential to prevent hair loss. Simply add it to your curries and pastas and enjoy the dish.

Homeopathy hair loss treatments  can also do wonders in helping you prevent hair fall or subsequent baldness.

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