• Hair maintenance and health

    Hair Maintenance and Health condition is determined by texture, porosity and elasticity. Porosity is ability to absorb moisture. Hair not porous enough will become dry. Nutrition affects porosity. Elasticity gives it springiness and lustre. Dandruff indicates bad maintenance. To maintain hair regrowth and prevent Alopecia (baldness) , hygienic hair care and nutrition is important. Hair health depends on scalp health and heredity. Important factors are diet, nutrition and hair care and grooming; however you don’t have control on genetics. Diet, nutrition and scalp health can be controlled to prevent dandruff and stop hair from falling out; a good diet will promote hair regrowth. Use proven products as hair loss remedy. Our previous recomended Haircare posts (diets) are excellent as hair loss remedy.  

  • How to care for Split ends

    If your hair is dry and damaged, you may have split ends. Those flyaway pieces that occur at the ends of your hair can get worse over time if you don’t take proper care. While you can’t repair a split end once it occurs, you can atleast treat your split ends so they look as good as possible and you can take steps to prevent more split ends from forming in the future. Here’s how:

  • Dry and rough hair tips

    For rough and dry hair, you would need to pay special attention to conditioning. It is essential to understand that the reason your hair is rough and dry is that it lacks a sufficient amount of nutrition. If your hair roots and strands are not well nourished, then your hair will become dry and will break as well. One of the first positive steps you need to take is that you need to cut your hair short. Please understand that it is easier to work with short hair and see results than it is with long hair. Besides, short hair also has a natural tendency to look healthier. You should start following a weekly routine of deep conditioning your hair. This can be done by applying warm olive oil to your hair at least twice a week and leaving it in overnight.

  • Oily hair remedies

    Since we’ve written a lot about dry hair, split ends and other things, it’s high time we paid some attention to the other side of the coin: oily hair. Well, try our tips and ease your suffering, be proud of your great new hair!

  • Advantages of Scalp Massage

    Your scalp is healthiest when it’s clean. But it may also need a little stimulation to keep any potential problems away. Although further research is necessary to formally define the benefits of massage, some studies have shown that massage can increase the production of certain chemicals in the body, including endorphins and serotonin [source: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine]. These chemicals can help put you in a better mood, reducing your stress and creating an environment for relaxation.

  • Care for your hair

    Hair care for female as well as hair care for male has always been very important. In Middle Ages, and even earlier, people were proud of their hair. At that time hair loss and baldness were considered as signs of old age. People used all sorts of herbs to have healthy hair and to retain it. Not only in the Middle Ages, but even today, everyone desires healthy, shiny and long hair. Full and healthy hair gives more self confidence. People with less hair or bald patches are considered to be older than their contemporaries.

  • Scalp Care for Better Hair Growth

    It is a well known fact that hair grows out of scalp. Therefore, nurturing your hair is an essential process for better hair growth.

    Today, experts’ advise treatments just to treat your hair loss problem and miss the most important part, your scalp.

  • Going without Shampoo

    Avoid using shampoos for washing your hair. I know this may sound weird but its true, shampoos can ruin ones hair since it contains harmful chemicals. Health – Many shampoos contain chemicals that not only dry out the hair but can cause skin sensitivities and irritation. Many women are opposed to the idea of exposing their skin to synthetic chemicals and want to minimize interactions. New moms are especially concerned about these issues.

  • Hair loss in toddlers: Is it a cause of concern?

    Hair loss is a common phenomenon in adults but with toddlers it surely is an exceptional case. Your toddler might be losing hair due to some causes or treatments as is it is rarely expected to notice bald spots in kids. That bare spot could be a result of sleeping in a similar position for long times or may be due to his head rubbing against the bed. Consult your pediatrician as it could be possibly due to some medical treatment or may be a side effect of some medications.

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