• What are the ways to improve hair health?

    Are you worried when you see too much hair loss while combing? Although, this problem seems normal, it hampers individual’s beauty and personality (especially for females). As we age, hormonal fluctuations weaken follicles. Additionally, stress, improper diet, and excessive smoking and drinking also causes hair fall. Nowadays, various treatments are available to control hair loss; however trying natural remedies is ideal for excellent results.

  • Top hair styling secrets

    Hair styles are the perfect way to look exceptionally beautiful. However, this should be seasonal and if possible be changed depending upon the climate. An individual should change his/her hairstyle every three months for a comprehensive makeover.

  • When to consider hair transplantation for women?

    There is a general belief in people that baldness and hair thinning is entirely for men. May be this is the reason why men expect hair loss as they grow older, mainly if they have a family history of male-pattern baldness. However, with women it is not so, they do not expect to lose hair even if their family has a history of hair loss. A woman generally wants to have a healthy mane to meet societal expectations and hair thinning is associated with old age, which most women are scared. It is every woman’s deep desire to look young and beautiful forever; hence, hair loss is a big problem for them.

  • Follicular unit hair transplantation: Things to know

    Hair loss is a major concern for most people, especially women. Females are very much concerned about their esthetic beauty and so can go to any extent to look beautiful. Most women panic when they notice hair loss, as hair is very essential part of their appearance. There are a number of techniques available today that helps to deal with baldness for both men and women, one of which is hair transplantation.

  • Combat the causes of premature hair loss

    Getting anxious at the sight of bunch of hair in the comb or strands on the pillow is a natural phenomenon. Hair loss brings both physical as well mental effects. Hair fall brings in emotional stress, embarrassment and anger. Children skips school, adults skip office and at times avoid meeting relatives due to shame.

  • Some myths about going bald

    Baldness is usually surrounded with several myths, odd treatments, and strange ideas in the society. Baldness results in both physical and mental disturbance but predictions about the causes of baldness are worse.

  • Natural oils: The best way to get lustrous hair

    Getting natural, gleaming and glossy looks for the hair is every woman’s dream. But today fulfilling this desire can carve a big hole in your pocket. Saloons charge big amount to give your hair a mesmerizing looks that you crave for.

  • You are what you eat: Diet to prevent hair loss

    Your bald spot and receding hairline is giving you sleepless nights. Well you need not worry in that case as stress can also trigger hair loss. Instead make some slight changes in your lifestyle alongside your hair loss treatment; it would be of great help. Changes in lifestyle also mean making slight dietary modifications that can give you healthy looking head and also maintains its sheen.

  • Treat hair fall with natural hair loss treatments

    Hair fall is a commonly faced problem and affects mostly every one. It is normal for humans to lose about 100 strands of hair daily but if you notice excess loss of hair then it is really a concern. Many people feel hair fall issues cannot be solved by means of hair loss treatment products. It is common to get frustrated after spending so much money on futile hair loss remedies that leave behind nothing but side effects. In real, hair loss treatments are of two categories; Natural hair loss treatments as well as chemical treatments.

  • 5 Useful Home Remedies for Hair Loss

    Hair loss has turned our life into healthcare plague. Hair loss can be due to faulty genetics, frenzied lifestyles and the lowering standards of nutrition in our daily diets.

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